Fill out the form below to see if you are eligible for a FREE well test and bottled water delivery service.

Drinking nitrate-contaminated groundwater poses health risks. Many small communities in the Central Valley rely on groundwater for drinking water. Because of unsafe nitrate levels in some areas, people cannot safely use groundwater for drinking and cooking. The Kings Water Alliance is a non-profit organization formed in 2021 to address this problem.

Kings Water Alliance residents (if you live in rural areas surrounding Fresno, Kerman, Sanger, Selma, Dinuba, or Riverdale, this is you!) who drink from a well with nitrates above safe drinking levels are eligible for free bottled water delivery. See if you are eligible for a FREE well test to confirm nitrate levels and begin receiving bottled water. Fill out the form below.


1. Your residence is located within the Priority 1 area of the Kings Water Alliance. An interactive map (here) will verify that you live in the Kings Water Alliance. 

2. Confirm your drinking water well has unsafe nitrate levels. Complete the form at the link above to receive additional information about free well testing and drinking water solutions. If you already have a water quality analysis from a certified laboratory in the last five years, a test may not be necessary.


For those who do not want to fill out the online form at the links above, PDF forms are available. Click below to download a PDF copy of the Residential Drinking Water Well Sampling and/or Bottled Water Form. You can email the form to, or print and mail to P.O. Box 8259, Fresno, CA 93747.

If you need a printed copy of the form mailed to you, please contact the Kings Water Alliance at (559) 549-6747 or We will include a postage paid return envelope.

Bottled Water Program 101

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